Mosqitter Was Chosen to Protect 2023 G20 Summit Attendees in India

Did you know that mosquito is the deadliest animal in the world?

Those pesky insects not only spoil your evening nights on the terrace, but the reason of 600 million confirmed cases of mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, Zika, etc., that averages to up to 1 million deaths annually.

What is Mosqitter?

Software-driven mosquito trap

We provide innovative turn-key solution to protect people from mosquitoes without chemicals

High  efficacy
Decreases mosquitoes
bites by 93%
70% expenses savings
Weather Proof
Solid stainless-steel body
No chemicals
Patented luring system augmented by unique
Butterfly and bee friendly
Harmless to beneficial
Control from everywhere

Designed for outdoor usage

Covers up to 2 acres

apartment complexes
yards & patios
hotels & resorts
stables & farms
yacht clubs
golf clubs
private houses / condos
playgrounds & schools

Our Presence

Mosqitter’s mission is to accelerate the development and widespread adoption of smart, eco-friendly pest control solutions, by reducing the usage of harmful chemicals to preserve the environment.

Our solution will allow a lot of countries to save significant amount of money and resources by protecting health of its citizens in a natural and sustainable way.

The smartest mosquito protection you have ever had

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United States
R&D Kyiv Office
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Kyiv, Ukraine 03039

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